About our BSW Community

Inside our Crafting community, we welcome your participation.

Thank you for joining us on this adventurous journey.  It’s our pleasure to have you with us.  This is our crafting community home away from home.

 » Bee Sew Whimsical is our online store filled with gorgeous quilting, stitching and mixed media to tempt your crafting fingers and minds… buzz on over, it’ll be our pleasure to have you visit.

Here, we are building a special home away from home. A home that is warm and cosy, where we can sit back, chill out, relax and keep busy with stitching or craft in our hands and simply shoot the breeze with friends.   It’s our quilting, mixed media and crafting community, in one place.  We have a love for making things that spark our imagination and creativity.  We believe in the value of sharing what’s in our creative hands, being inspired by all that surrounds us, sharing tips, techniques and our stories, encouraging each other but most of all… forming friendships among creative people around the world.

Our hope at » Bee Sew Whimsical is to share with you the beautiful possibility of it all. Together the relationships we build here can bring us joy and inspiration, turning our goals and dreams into reality.  It also brings friends old and new, far and near together. This home is for you… a place of learning, growth, encouragement, friendship, challenges and fun!  Helping and learning from each other.

ps: Like any new home or really any crafting project… it’s ever evolving with renovations. We are steadily making progress and will keep you updated as exciting news is available.

Features coming soon…

We look forward to meeting you as we embark on this adventurous journey together.

take care – have a fantabulous day filled with creativity and inspiration…