About BSW and Me


      We’d love to know a little bit about you…
      Firstly, I’m a Wife & Mum to 2 gorgeous children – Ashlei & Matthew.
      But the other cap I proudly wear is…





CEO of my own Home Based Business » Bee Sew Whimsical

  • Designer of our own patchwork/stitching patterns & mixed media creations under the  Snickerdoodle Dreams label
  • Retailing patchwork/stitching patterns by Australian designers
What inspires your creativity?
Well, for me – a colour, a picture, a verse and being surrounded with creative materials, starts my mind ticking over.   
Starting my own designs recently, I want to explore different mediums, material, textures – not limit myself to any particular style… just go with however my mind flows. I am working on new designs and creations, that I hope bring joy to people, no matter what they are feeling. Bringing smiles and peace to someone’s life. For our creative friends to be inspired each day and be reminded that there is JOY to be found in the beauty of each day and in the simple things that surround us each day, that bring on that beautiful smile. There are days when life is tough and we get bogged down with difficulties. Creating or trying something new with our hearts and hands can take away those stresses. I know that when I’m working on something creative, I’m in my own little, comfortable world and life is good. 
Favourite Quote…

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams & live the life you’ve imagined!!”

~ Henry David Thoreau

 What is my Inspiration?

Nothing is possible without the support of my family. My family are my inspiration & encourage me to pursue my dreams, as I encourage them to pursue their individual dreams. I am privileged to be able to work from home doing what I love & still spending time with my children helping them achieve their dreams & goals. What a great gift to be given – to nurture their talents along the way. My daughter, Ashlei, has finished her Diploma in Film, Script Writing and Media Studies – one day she may be walking a red carpet living her dreams of writing and directing. What a wonderful adventure for her.  I’m biased but she has a gift for writing beautiful words. She’ll be showcasing some written snippets in one of BSW’s new designs for 2016.  My gorgeous boy, Matthew – well, he’s just about to finish up his final year of high school studies with the HSC.  It seems at the moment he wants to be a Psychologist. The other thing about my son, that Mark and I are proud of… he’s a very talented young swimmer. Getting up at 4.00am 5 mornings a week and 3-4 afternoons takes commitment.  No matter what… both children are our love, pride & joy! We couldn’t want anything more than for them to succeed in whatever makes them happy.

I have also been blessed & privileged to work with Heather Paige (Snickerdoodle Dreams & » Omniio fame). Her gorgeous graphical talents can be found in our bee-autiful patchwork/stitchin’ patterns. They are always inspirational and will bring a whimsical smile to your face. Each collection I get to work on instantly sparks new ideas. That’s when I wish for more hours and more hands to create… don’t we all wish that!!  Heather, my darlin’ friend – thank you for your wonderful friendship, encouragement & valuable advice. You’re my very own angel in disguise & I treasure our friendship each day!

2014/15 saw some new friendships being formed, with some exciting possibilities to come, new adventures into the mixed media world. It’s an adventure that is only just beginning and one I’d love for you to share with me.

Last, but most important of all – my whimsical, artsy friends. To all I’ve met and all I hope to meet. Without you, this whimsical adventure wouldn’t exist. My wish is that you enjoy your journey through the beehive. My aim is to plant smiles and grow giggles along the way…


Plant Smiles & Grow Giggles…