Journal to the USA has arrived!

It took 10 days for this sweet little beauty to reach Idaho, USA and it’s new owner and another swap friend’s home. And just as my journal reached the USA, a journal parcel from the USA reached me around the same time… well give or take a day. Those time zones can be a little tricky.

This swap was all about vintage sewing.  For me, being a stitcher/quilter, this should have been easy. Firstly, I promised myself only to use what was in my stash – no spending allowed!! Vintage sewing ephemera just isn’t available to me… so it’s more about quilting and using what was available to me.  My style of vintage.  Secondly… putting this baby together was a nightmare of frustrations. Sewing in the first signature… lets just say I had to walk away before a complete journal was tossed into the garbage.  After clearing my mind… all the signatures went in smoothly.  Said that a bit too soon!!

My daughter and I were looking at the completed journal and OH BOY!! the middle signature was upside down… undo… redo…  all is good again.

Here’s the video… no time for editing out the um’s and ah’s – that journal needed to be on it’s overseas journey.  It’s also a little shaky… my tripod and me weren’t best friends that day, so I held the camera instead.

Next up on my list…

  • I have some more videos to make – the journal that arrived for me from my swap friend… OMGooshness!!! what an absolute vintage delight.
  • Then there’s the gorgeous journal from my first swap – it’s an explosion of rosey delightfulness!  So very spoilt by my journal friends.
  • A sweet little Tea Journal needs to be completed for another swap friend.
  • Finish writing up the pattern for a new Snickerdoodle Dreams pattern – he’s a little chilly but oh so sweet…
  • Prep for a craft show in late October…
  • Probably… actually, I know my accountant would love for me to send our taxes for her to do.

I have a million and one things to do…What’s in your planning or diary today?

We’d love for you to share your creative and life experiences – just add them to the “Leave a Reply” below or the fancy grey speech bubble.  I’m sure you’ve been just as creative and busy as I have.

take care – have a fantabulous day filled with creativity and inspiration


Tuesday Temptations

Patterns of old, tempting treasures to refind.  Tuesday Temptations… for those that are new and finding their way into the world of stitching… or for those that are searching for favoured stitching treasures that they have missed…

On this Tuesday (Sept 22, 2015)…we bring you a treat for Spring!  Cinderberry critters come out to play!


(by Cinderberry Stitches)

This gorgeous stitchery features all those whimsical creatures that showcase Natalie’s signature style…

… little bees and sweet flowers
… a tiny & friendly brown field mouse
… a mother wren and her wrenlets
… the sweetest butterfly fluttering around a family of lady birds

“Tuesday Temptation” Special for one week only or until stocks last…

click the link or photo for purchasing details.


Creature Comforts – Cinderberry Stitches (pattern only)